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PostSubject: Bibbliolib   Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:36 pm

From a JL35 idea Embarassed

You can load from my Webdav . Folder "En cours"

It is not a finished but you can use it.

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Number of posts : 14
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PostSubject: re   Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:15 pm


This application actually permits two uses.

Mode 1 :

I’ve seen an appli whose sub pleases me and I want et to put aside to use it later.
I’ve got to open file *.bas in Bibbliolib. The program will extract all procedures, then list them
inside the list above the right frame. If I click in one of the procedures , it will show
inside the memo under. If I want to save it, I’ll go in "Edit\Importer" and a window willopen,
owing me to choose a stock category and to add an explanation into a commentary. When I click on "Importer" button the procedure will be saved in the "Bibbliolib.lib" file. To add a category, I’ll have to click on "+" button.

Mode 2 :

I want to create a library file for an applet I’m creating, this file to join by an include.
I’ll click on "File\New" In the right frame, there will appear a visualisation memo.
Then I’ll choose a category in the combo up the left frame. All subs in this category
will appear in the list under. Choose one sub in that list, commentaries appear in the memo under,
and the sub in the next. Wow !!! this is the sub I just wanted into my library!
Go to "Edit\Exporter”, thus the sub will be copied in the visualisation memo on the right.
I’ll either choose next one to export, or save the memo in the library by “File\Save".
This owes me to create libraries with nothing more than the necessary subs inside, a la demande .
You will gain lighter files. Imagine you are using Klaus’ KGF.dll + my own Objet_Lib.
Your library would be heavier than the main file itself !
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