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 Refer to objects by name instead of number

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PostSubject: Refer to objects by name instead of number   Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:44 pm

In Panoramic, the created objects are referred to by their ID number, which you first use to create them. This means that you have to remember which number refers to which object, or note them down in rem statements or something. It doesn't seem to have a function that allocates an ID automatically from the operating system, as some languages do.

So here's another way that might be of use.


' Referencing objects by variable name can be done by
' making them equal to an indexing variable (in this case i%)
' and increasing that by 1 before or after each object is created.
' This avoids having to remember or note the index numbers, and
' also means objects can be created in any order. If the order is
' changed, the numbers will change, but the "names" will not.
label inc
dim i%,scene%,tomato%,apple%,blueberry%
i% = 1
scene3D scene%:full_space scene%
cam_position 5,0,2

gosub inc
3d_sphere tomato%,0.5
3d_color tomato%,140,20,0
3d_position tomato%,0.2,-0.5,-3
gosub inc
3d_sphere apple%,0.9
3d_color apple%,5,180,10
gosub inc
3d_sphere blueberry%,0.15
3d_color blueberry%,10,0,60
3d_position blueberry%,-1,-0.5,1

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PostSubject: Re: Refer to objects by name instead of number   Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:07 pm

It is what we make on the French Forum.
We make something as:
DIM n%, MyvariableName%
n% = n% + 1 :  rem Create any object
n% = n% + 1 …..
n% = n% + 1 : MyVariableName% = n%

We increment the counter of objects and when we wish to use farther in the program this object, we give it a name.
It is almost the same thing as you have have make.

Thank you sunny sunny
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Refer to objects by name instead of number
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