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 DllViewer utility

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PostSubject: DllViewer utility   DllViewer utility Icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2015 12:32 am

I created a special utility, which might be usefull for programmers using external DLLs, such as User32.dll or Kernel32.dll. It is called DllViewer.

This utility, entirely written in Delphi 6 Personal Edition, is fully fre for personal and professional use, and it is open source. It can be downloaded from my WebDav (see link and identifiers in the signature of this post). Go to folder DllViewer and download DllViewer.exe. The program is portable, no installation is required. No register values are modified. Sources can be obtained on simple request.

The program "loads" a DLL, than displays a list of all exported function or procedure names. A simple click on one of this names searches the net for documentation about the selected function, and displays the found page in a TWebBrowser window next to the function list. This information will mostly be taken from msdn.microsoft.com, but it may come from pinvoke.net, too.

With this utility, information can be gathered about the parameters of a function, and therfore help to build the parametersd for the Panoramic CALL_DLLx function.


DllViewer has the ability to create a "library" for each dll. A library is a simple text file containing a line for each function of the DLL. These lines contain the function name and a URL to a documentation page (generally MSDN or PINVOKE). After loading a DLL, the "Create library" button creates this file, placing it into the folder where DllViewer.exe resides. The creation process might be long, because the net must be searched and the results analyzed for every function. The resulting library file name is API_xxx.lib with xxx being the dll name, as in API_user32.lib for User32.dll.

Later, such a library can be loaded by the "Load library" button. Thus, all documention URLs are known and can be accessed directly, without further search on the web.

And there is a goodie: using a library, there is an input field and a "Filter" button. A search criteria may be enterred into the input field, and hitting the "Filter" button will display only the functions whose names contain the search criteria, not restricted to the start of the function name. Clearing the input field and hitting the "Filter" button again will display the full function list.

As a further goodie, you will find the libraries API_user32.lib and API_kernel32.lib in the WebDav folder DllViewer, along with the DllViewer.exe file. Just copy the 3 files into the same folder to use them.
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PostSubject: Re: DllViewer utility   DllViewer utility Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2015 4:22 am

Thank you Klaus
It is a completely useful utility.
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DllViewer utility
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