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PostSubject: Newbi   Newbi Icon_minitimeFri Nov 20, 2009 3:30 pm

Hi Jack,
i have found your PANORAMIC if i was searching for "game programming tools" in the internet.
It is formidable to me to find many things in one aplication. 2D, 3D, Sound and so on.

Any question i have:

Is it possible to change the MIDI-device? On my computer i have more then one (hardware and virtual devices). And can i receive from MIDI? So you can use a keybord or other devices to control the program.

If it possible to get ore make a runtime environment to test an see the results of programming (i think like as tcl/tk, there you have a wish and from a console you can "build" your program.

And last:
which lillte free helper can i use to make 2D- or 3D-objects to use in PANARAMIC? The command Sprite can I use for sprite wiht frame?

Thanks and greeting - kmatze
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