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PostSubject: Panoramic-Draw3D   Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:16 am

After the Panoramic Draw application (for 2D), i decided to make a 3D version as well.
The generated files can be opened in Panoramic as source code and it will re-create your scene. (You might want to maximize your window at this moment.)
To create a new object, click the "Add!"-button and a new object with the same dimensions will be created at the same spot, so you don't actually see it... but you can change it's position and it will become visible. (I kept the same dimensions to make cloning of the objects easier.)


label abt, ld, sv, wis, tst, rdrw, rst, drw, pen, tpen, cam, camed, err
on_error_goto err
dim x, y, z, a$, xpos, ypos, ctr, pn$, kl$, fl$, pns, fs$, i$(10), obj
data "3d_box", "3d_cone","3d_cube", "3d_cylinder", "3d_dodecahedron", "3d_plane", "3d_sphere", "3d_teapot", "3d_text", "3d_torus"
data "width", "height", "depth", "3d_x_position", "3d_y_position", "3d_z_position", "3d_x_scale","3d_y_scale","3d_z_scale", "3d_x_rotate", "3d_y_rotate", "3d_z_rotate"
data 100,100,100,0,0,0,100,100,100,0,0,0
data "cam_x_position", "cam_y_position", "cam_z_position", "point_x_position", "point_y_position", "point_z_position", "light_x_position", "light_y_position", "light_z_position"
caption 0,"Panoramic Draw3D"
width 0,240
height 0,800
color 0, 255,255,255
main_menu 100
sub_menu 101:parent 101,100:caption 101,"Load":on_click 101,ld
sub_menu 102:parent 102,100:caption 102,"Save":on_click 102,sv
sub_menu 103:parent 103,100:caption 103,"Clear":on_click 103,wis
sub_menu 104:parent 104,100:caption 104,"Help":on_click 104,abt
open_dialog 109
save_dialog 110
form 1:color 1,255,255,255
left 1,240:height 1,800:width 1,800
alpha 2
top 2,10:left 2,25:width 2,70:caption 2, "3D-object:"
combo 3
top 3,7:left 3,80:width 3,120:height 3,25
for x = 1 to 10
 read a$
 item_add 3, a$
next x
on_change 3, drw
for x=4 to 15
read a$
 alpha x: caption x, a$
 left x,5:top x,x*20-20:width x,70
 scroll_bar x+12
 left x+12,80:top x+12,x*20-20:width x+12,110
 edit x+24:left x+24,195:top x+24,x*20-22:width x+24,35
next x
for x=16 to 24
 min x,1:max x,500
next x
for x=19 to 21
 min x,-500:max x,500
next x
 min 25,0:max 25,360: rem rotate x
 min 26,0:max 26,360: rem rotate y
 min 27,0:max 27,360: rem rotate z
for x=4 to 15
 read y
 text x+24,y
 position x+12,y
 on_change x+12,rst
 on_change x+24,rdrw
next x
button 40:caption 40,"Add!":on_click 40,tst
left 40,3:top 40,395:width 40,225
memo 41
left 41,3:top 41,425:width 41,225:height 41,100
item_add 41, "dim x,obj(100) : rem reserve space for 100 3d-objects"
item_add 41, "scene3d 1 : rem create 3d-world"
item_add 41, "full_space 1 : rem spread onto window"
item_add 41, "for x = 1 to 100"
item_add 41, "obj(x)=100+x : rem assign numbers to 3d_objects"
item_add 41, "next x"
item_add 41, "rem first 3d_object obj(1) gets reference number 101 etc."
edit 43: text 43, "3d_text"
top 43,30:left 43,25:width 43,175: on_change 43, drw
container 42
left 42,3:top 42,300:width 42,225:height 42,95
alpha 44:parent 44,42:font_bold 44
left 44,10:top 44,1:width 44,10:caption 44,"  3d_color  "
alpha 45:parent 45,42
left 45,5:top 45,20:width 45,20:caption 45,"Red"
scroll_bar 46:parent 46,42:min 46,0:max 46,255:position 46,0:on_change 46,pen
left 46,40:top 46,20:width 46,145
edit 47:parent 47,42:text 47,"0": on_change 47,tpen
left 47,190:top 47,18:width 47,30
alpha 48:parent 48,42
left 48,5:top 48,45:width 48,20:caption 48,"Green"
scroll_bar 49:parent 49,42:min 49,0:max 49,255:position 49,0:on_change 49,pen
left 49,40:top 49,45:width 49,145
edit 50:parent 50,42:text 50,"0":on_change 50,tpen
left 50,190:top 50,43:width 50,30
alpha 51:parent 51,42
left 51,5:top 51,70:width 51,20:caption 51,"Blue"
scroll_bar 52:parent 52,42:min 52,0:max 52,255:position 52,0:on_change 52,pen
left 52,40:top 52,70:width 52,145
edit 53:parent 53,42:text 53,"0":on_change 53,tpen
left 53,190:top 53,68:width 53,30
for x=54 to 62
 read a$
 alpha x: caption x, a$
 left x,5:top x,(x-27.5)*20:width x,70
 scroll_bar x+9: min x+9,-1000:max x+9,1000:position x+9,0
 left x+9,80:top x+9,(x-27.5)*20:width x+9,110
 edit x+18:left x+18,195:top x+18,(x-27.5)*20:width x+18,35:text x+18, "0"
next x
position 68,360
position 65,500
for x=54 to 62
 on_change x+9,cam
 on_change x+18,camed
next x
scene3d 199
full_space 199
rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------
 text 47, str$(position (46))
 text 50, str$(position (49))
 text 53, str$(position (52))
 font_color 44,position (46), position (49), position (52)
 3d_color y,position (46), position (49), position (52)
 position 46, val(text$(47))
 position 49, val(text$(50))
 position 52, val(text$(53))
 font_color 44,position (46), position (49), position (52)
 3d_color y,position (46), position (49), position (52)
 message "Panoramic 3D Draw. Programmed by Lode Van de Velde."+chr$(13)+chr$(13)+"Choose the 3d-object, configure parameters and click the 'add'-button to get the code. Camera, light and pointing is also saved to file. Note that on saving an object, a new one is created on the exact same position as the previous one and may therefore not be visible, yet it can be manipulated."
 item_add 41, "CAM_POSITION "+str$(position (63)/100)+","+str$(position (64)/100)+","+str$(position (65)/100)
 item_add 41, "POINT_POSITION "+str$(position (66)/100)+","+str$(position (67)/100)+","+str$(position (68)/100)
 item_add 41, "LIGHT_POSITION "+str$(position (69)/100)+","+str$(position (70)/100)+","+str$(position (71)/100)
 fs$ = File_Name$(110)
 file_save 41, fs$
 a$=" obj("+str$(y-149)+"), "
 select item_index(3): rem 1-10="3d_box", "3d_cone","3d_cube", "3d_cylinder", "3d_dodecahedron", "3d_plane", "3d_sphere", "3d_teapot", "3d_text", "3d_torus"
 case 0
  item_add 41, "3d_box"+a$+str$(position(16)/100)+","+ str$(position (17)/100)+","+ str$(position (18)/100)
 case 1
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$+str$(position(16)/100)+","+ str$(position (17)/100)+","+ str$(position (18)/100)
 case 2
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$+str$(position(16)/100)+","+ str$(position (17)/100)
 case 3
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$+str$(position(16)/100)
 case 4
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$+str$(position(16)/100)+","+ str$(position (17)/100)+","+ str$(position (18)/100)
 case 5
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$
 case 6
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$
 case 7
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$+str$(position(16)/100)
 case 8
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$
 case 9
    item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$ + chr$(34)+text$(43)+chr$(34)
 case 10
  item_add 41, item_index$(3)+a$+str$(position(16)/100)+","+ str$(position (17)/100)
 item_add 41, "3d_color"+a$ +str$(position (46))+","+ str$(position (49))+","+ str$(position (52))
 item_add 41, "3d_x_position"+a$+str$(position(19)/100)
 item_add 41, "3d_y_position"+a$+str$(position(20)/100)
 item_add 41, "3d_z_position"+a$+str$(position(21)/100)
 item_add 41, "3d_x_scale"+a$+str$(position(22)/100)
 item_add 41, "3d_y_scale"+a$+str$(position(23)/100)
 item_add 41, "3d_z_scale"+a$+str$(position(24)/100)
 item_add 41, "3d_x_rotate"+a$+str$(position(25))
 item_add 41, "3d_y_rotate"+a$+str$(position(26))
 item_add 41, "3d_z_rotate"+a$+str$(position(27))
 if o3d_object_exists(y)= 1 then 3d_delete y
 select item_index(3) : rem 1-10 = "3d_box", "3d_cone","3d_cube", "3d_cylinder", "3d_dodecahedron", "3d_plane", "3d_sphere", "3d_teapot", "3d_text", "3d_torus"
 case 0
  3d_box y, position(16)/100, position(17)/100, position(18)/100
 case 1
  3d_box y, position(16)/100, position(17)/100, position(18)/100
 case 2
  3d_cone y, position(16)/100, position(17)/100
 case 3
  3d_cube y, position(16)/100
 case 4
  3d_cylinder y, position(16)/100, position(17)/100, position(18)/100
 case 5
  3d_dodecahedron y
 case 6
  3d_plane y
 case 7
  3d_sphere y, position(16)/100
 case 8
  3d_teapot y
 case 9
  3d_text y, text$(43)
 case 10
  3d_torus y, position(16)/100, position(17)/100
 3d_color y,position (46), position (49), position (52)
 3d_x_position y, position(19)/100
 3d_y_position y, position(20)/100
 3d_z_position y, position(21)/100
 3d_x_scale y, position(22)/100
 3d_y_scale y, position(23)/100
 3d_z_scale y, position(24)/100
 3d_x_rotate y, position(25)
 3d_y_rotate y, position(26)
 3d_z_rotate y, position(27)
 for x=4 to 15
  position x+12, val(text$(x+24))
 next x
 gosub drw
 for x=4 to 15
  text x+24, str$(position(x+12))
 next x
 gosub drw
 for x=63 to 71
  text x+9, str$(position (x))
 next x
 CAM_POSITION position (63)/100,position (64)/100,position (65)/100
 POINT_POSITION position (66)/100,position (67)/100,position (68)/100
 LIGHT_POSITION position (69)/100,position (70)/100,position (71)/100
 gosub drw
 for x=63 to 71
  position (x), val(text$(x+9))
 next x
 CAM_POSITION position (63)/100,position (64)/100,position (65)/100
 POINT_POSITION position (66)/100,position (67)/100,position (68)/100
 LIGHT_POSITION position (69)/100,position (70)/100,position (71)/100
 gosub drw
 gosub wis
 fs$ = File_Name$(109)
 file_load 41,fs$
 for x=1 to count(41)
  if instr(a$," ")<>0 then i$(1)=left$(a$,instr(a$," ")-1):a$=right$(a$,len(a$)-instr(a$," "))
  if instr(a$,",")<>0 then i$(2)=left$(a$,instr(a$,",")-1):a$=right$(a$,len(a$)-instr(a$,","))
  if instr(a$,",")<>0 then i$(3)=left$(a$,instr(a$,",")-1):a$=right$(a$,len(a$)-instr(a$,","))
  if instr(a$,",")<>0 then i$(4)=left$(a$,instr(a$,",")-1):a$=right$(a$,len(a$)-instr(a$,","))
  if instr(a$,",")<>0 then i$(5)=left$(a$,instr(a$,",")-1)
  rem message i$(1)+" "+i$(2)+" "+i$(3)+" "+i$(4)+" "+i$(5)
  if i$(1)="CAM_POSITION" then cam_position val(i$(2)),val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)):position 63, val(i$(2))*100:position 64,val(i$(3))*100:position 65,val(i$(4))*100
  if i$(1)="POINT_POSITION" then point_position val(i$(2)),val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)):position 66,val(i$(2))*100:position 67,val(i$(3))*100:position 68,val(i$(4))*100
  if i$(1)="LIGHT_POSITION" then light_position val(i$(2)),val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)):position 69,val(i$(2))*100:position 70,val(i$(3))*100:position 71,val(i$(4))*100
  if i$(1)="3d_box" then 3d_box obj,val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)),val(i$(5)):obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_cone" then 3d_cone obj,val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)):obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_cube" then 3d_cube obj,val(i$(3)):obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_cylinder" then 3d_cylinder obj,val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)),val(i$(5)):obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_dodecahedron" then 3d_dodecahedron obj:obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_plane" then 3d_plane obj:obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_sphere" then 3d_sphere obj,val(i$(3)):obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_teapot" then 3d_teapot obj:obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_text" then 3d_text obj,i$(3):obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_torus" then 3d_torus obj,val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)):obj=obj+1
  if i$(1)="3d_color" then 3d_color obj-1,val(i$(3)),val(i$(4)),val(i$(5))
  if i$(1)= "3d_x_position" then 3d_x_position obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_y_position" then 3d_y_position obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_z_position" then 3d_z_position obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_x_scale" then 3d_x_scale obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_y_scale" then 3d_y_scale obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_z_scale" then 3d_z_scale obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_x_rotate" then 3d_x_rotate obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_y_rotate" then 3d_y_rotate obj-1,val(i$(3))
  if i$(1)= "3d_z_rotate" then 3d_z_rotate obj-1,val(i$(3))
  for z=1 to 5
  next z
 next x

Have fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Panoramic-Draw3D   Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:21 pm

Thank you Lodchjo for your source !
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PostSubject: Re: Panoramic-Draw3D   Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:09 pm

Jack wrote:
Thank you Lodchjo for your source !
You're welcome! I want to support the English forum. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Panoramic-Draw3D   

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