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Mac, Windows & Android application development with PANORAMIC language
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 PANORAMIC for Mac OSX 10 is available

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PANORAMIC for Mac OSX 10 is available Empty
PostSubject: PANORAMIC for Mac OSX 10 is available   PANORAMIC for Mac OSX 10 is available EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 6:08 pm

Panoramic is a BASIC language I develop for Windows for ten years and I recently ported it to MAC OS.
My goal is to provide a cross-platform language with the motto: "code somewhere, execute anywhere".

This language uses the classic BASIC keywords (DIM, IF, THEN, ELSE, DATA, PRINT, etc.) which I added features to use graphics objects (BUTTON, EDIT, FORM, MAIN_MENU, etc.), drawing, sprites, 3D.
I wanted it as simple as possible, within the reach of the Sunday programmer.

For example, to create a button that displays a text, only 2 lines are necessary :
BUTTON 1: REM creates a button with number 1
CAPTION 1 "click"
To create a program that:
- creates a button marked "click"
- shows "OK" when clicked on, it needs 8 instructions (hard to be easier!):
LABEL click
CAPTION 1 "click"
On_click 1 click: REM click subprogram will be executed when we click on the button
END: REM main program stops here

It needs nothing else to run, and is sufficient in itself.
It is autonomous and portable (I also used from a USB flash disk).
It does not require that XCode be installed on your machine.

It runs on Yosemite and El Capitan (I have not tried other versions of Mac OS).

It takes the form of an editor that can load, save and edit a source, to run and to generate an executable.
Similarly, the generated executable is sufficient in itself: it is self-contained and portable and does not need anything to run, except a MAC!

It comes with a help and some various examples.

I almost forgot: it's free.

How is it used?

You download it from a file:
or from a disc image:
You drag for example on the desktop or in the folder of your choice.
You double-click its icon and it will launch.

The main window opens and is ready to host your source.
Examples files are automatically installed in the application directory.
You can try them to see how this Basic language is made.
These examples disappear when the editor is closed.

You can load the File / Open command, then run the source:
- by clicking on the icon flash,
- or with the File / Run menu,
- or with the shortcut F9.

This release is just an alpha version for MAC. Some features are not shown in the examples and are not yet included in the documentation (help).
Bugs may exist because I have not yet thoroughly tested.

PANORAMIC for Windows has a very active and very responsive community in its forum.

Help me to develop it and to improve it. I do not request you to encode it with me, but only to point out the improvements you would like, and give me the details if you encounter a bug.
Thus it progresses on Windows for 10 years ...
And so, it will progress tomorrow on Mac.[/code]
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PANORAMIC for Mac OSX 10 is available
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